Wednesday, 14 July 2010


Be sure to ask for extra credit if you commented on the blog...


kikito said...

I didn't know about Context Free Art.

Is it similar to "Processing"(, isn't it?

Also, didn't know about that mailing list. Applying for registration right away!

Pikalek said...

Here's a gross over simplification:

Context Free Art is a custom replacement grammar designed specifically for making images.

Processsing is a superset of Java, designed for producing digital art projects.

I'd say both are geared heavily toward ease of use, while still allowing a lot of power to those willing to get their hands dirty. I use both tangentially in teaching intro CS.

Darren Grey said...

So you are now the academically recognised Andrew Doull? Perhaps the University can give you an honorary doctorate some time ;)

In all seriousness though, it does go to show the quality of writing here that a university would include one of your best articles in its course. Well done :)