Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Esteemed and Learned Council

Of Roguelike Elders appear to have their reviews up of the 7DRL entries. And, if you prefer a tile based version of the same reviews.

[Edit to add: The UI for the reviews is about as bad as the average roguelike. Click on the average score to get reviewer comments.]


Darren Grey said...

Click on each and every score to get justifications for each rating. Beware of spoilers though.

Todd Page said...

Heyyy... the UI isn't.. oh, right yeah it's horrible. :)

Thanks for spreading the news though!

(I am also open to suggestion for the gallery page, it's kind of my first crack at a useful webpage of any kind)

Joseph said...

Well my scores for Sun Crusher weren't that great. Guess I should have went with Cardlike 2.0. :-)

I had a blast making it though.

There were some great games this year. Congratulations to everyone. I'm hoping DuneRL gets a more complete release sometime.

Kyzrati said...

@Todd: I love the gallery page--it's very usable. Good work!

Todd Page said...