Thursday, 23 August 2012

Din's Curse now on Steam

One of the small injustices of the world, is that Soldak Entertainment's Din's Curse was unable to get listed on Steam - without any explanation from Valve as to why. Until now.

(The game is on Steam; not that Valve has suddenly given them an explanation).

I've mentioned one of their earlier games, Depths of Peril as a Diablo like with an interesting twist, and Din's Curse is very much another spin on the genre. Unfortunately, it appears that Tom Chick's excellent review of the game is no longer around, so I'll point you in the direction of this thread at Quarter to Three instead.


Scott said...

I wish I had waited till now to buy it instead of buying it when I did. Due to a failed hard drive I lost the game and cant get it back digitally. Now the only way I can actually get the game I bought is by pirating it.

Steam sure is nice some times.

Andrew Doull said...

You'd be surprised how many indie devs would actually try to help you out if you were to go on their forums and ask nicely.

I'm not saying this'll be the case in this instance, but I've seen something similar with another indie dev elsewhere very recently.