Friday 13 November 2015

UnBrogue Correspondence

"I just want to offer my thanks for making the variant of Brogue, UnBrogue.
Brogue itself pales in comparison to UnBrogue. Brogue, to me, has become no longer enjoyable.

The addition of the items with their new powers makes for a variety of new situations, the sacrificial altars make for a good tradeoff, and the shields, even when cursed, make for an entertaining run with deflections and defense.

I've also made it further in UnBrogue than I have in any other roguelike, to floor 22 (jumping through to floor 23 made it crash, for some reason), but even that run alone made for an interesting set of stories - After a particularly grueling fight against a Lich, having lost levels in my leather armour (-6 due to acids) I turned down a corridor to see a Dragon. Each of its blasts of fire were deflected by my tower shield, and I slew it with a +8 Cleaver.

All to the tune of Elegia by New Order, it made for a fairly intense few moments.

Or that time I was held by a Bog Monster and beaten and thrown darts at by Centaurs until I died, while China Girl by David Bowie played made for an entertaining end to a character.

Long story short, it's a game that has rekindled my interest in games.

Also, I used to follow your blog, ASCII Dreams for quite a bit, but due to other circumstances haven't been keeping up with it too much.

Thanks again for the game."

-- An UnBrogue player

"Firstly: thanks for the great email.

Secondly: apologies for any or all crashes and bugs.

Thirdly: I hope I really haven't broken Brogue for you. UnBrogue was designed in part as a crazy palate cleanser for people playing Brogue. But I don't have the time to maintain it at the quality level Brogue is at, so I'd hate to take you away from a high quality game for a largely experimental mod.

I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so much though."

-- An UnBrogue developer