Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Interview with David Ploog

If you're at all interested in game design, you should listen to David Ploog (former lead designer of Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup) get interviewed by the Roguelike Radio team.


Sir Yobgod Ababua the Handless said...


Would you people please stop making bloody podcasts? I have time and the means to read things (and do) but audio is not an option, yet lately more and more of the people I want to hear from are podcasting instead of typing up a few pages that I could peruse. I read faster than you can talk. Really, and my time is valuable.

At LEAST port transcripts, or Siri translations, or *something*. Please, I beg you... let your words be heard.

Andrew Doull said...

It turns out the reverse is true for writing vs. podcasting. It is far faster for us to produce a podcast than a well written couple of pages (at least in terms of individual contributions - the sum total of all the contributors is greater however).

I'm all ears with regards to transcription options. I'm just not sure how robust automatic transcription will be over what is quite domain specific language.

Darren Grey said...

I've heard you can speed up podcasts to 4x speed to be able to listen to them faster and you'll still be able to interpret everything better.

As for time, I find the podcasts quite easy to listen to whilst playing a roguelike without sound. Or during a commute. As valuable as your time might be your ears are not constantly engaged.

Besides, podcasting is fun :P

Joseph said...

Mr. Yob I would be willing to type up any podcast you do not have time to listen to. Not all the time, not every one, but I type fast and could probably do it in near real time. I bet there are some others that might like it.


Joseph said...

Note this is not because I am a nice person. It is because I am a bored person with far too much time.