Sunday, 12 February 2012

To do list

You might note that my to do list is progressing very slowly - at least the public face of that list (Unangband development, blogging) has virtually stalled. I've got two very good reasons, plus I'm back working full time with a long commute.

I've mentioned previously that my OS X laptop was running Tiger. No longer, I've upgraded to Leopard - anything newer felt a little risky.

Given the amount of software I now have access to, it feels like a new machine. So I've taken advantage of being able to run Steam natively, and started playing some games in the comfort of the living room.

As a result: I've beaten Mom's Heart in the Binding of Isaac. The Book of Shadows and Virus together feels like cheating - even more so when I had every stat at maximum. Isaac, however, is one of those games which you need at least one ability which fulfils that requirement in order to get anywhere.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to follow my progress, as the OS X version of Isaac doesn't support achievements. This is probably a good thing, as I may be taking advantage of the slow down running it on older hardware ... [Edit: Apparently I can transfer the save file over to Windows to get the achievements. Hmm...]

Next on the list is fixing a bug which has made the current Angband competition featuring Unangband a lot less interesting than it should be.

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Nick said...

Note, though, that it took the players of the competition quite some time to notice the bug, and that there are currently no surviving competition characters. So it seems that your bug has nicely balanced out the difficulty in my choice of beginning character ;)