Saturday, 3 February 2007

The good old days.

A recent post on asked how long every has been posting on the newsgroup. While I haven't been active on that news group, I did have a quick look at my involvement on, where I have been posting for some time.

A quick search on google revealed two of my earliest posts: one of which is a statement of what I'd want Angband to become, dated June 23, 1995, and looking back looks almost like a manifesto for Unangband. I'll repost some of this here; it makes interesting reading:

Basically, I would like to see a bigger variety of rooms and corridors espec-
ially at deeper levels, including:
* big pits, rooms which are filled with a big pit, bridges over pits etc.
* huge rooms, natural caverns, corridors which are 2 or 3 wide, long hallways,
pillars scattered about big rooms, big doors (if possible)
* statues, fountains, thrones, pedestals, gates, and other dungeon furnishings
* trapped doors, trapped furnishings, traps which activate for a wider variety
of effects (create traps anyone), hidden compartments which are handled as
traps but when disarmed create a GOOD or EXCELLENT drop
* more varieties of rooms within rooms, pits within rooms, rooms within pits,
to the point where some rooms will start to resemble the town level with LOTS
of monsters swarming around
* floor coverings, water, fog, mud, lava, creatures which are invisible in water
(ie SWIM)
* when monsters are generated on pits, they come from deeper levels ("It crawls
out of the pit.") and are not restricted to 25+ distance away. This restriction
shoud also be lifted for teleporting monsters.

Basically, I want the thrill of exploring to be heightened.

The other was a feature request for Angband, dated June 2, 1995. I ended up coding this in Unangband: if I recall correctly, it involved changing a total of 2 variable assignments in one procedure and was adopted by Angband. The version that adopted it: Angband 3.0.5, released on the 23rd of May, 2004.


Mikolaj said...

Nice to see a guy faithful to his childhood ideas. ;D

BTW. you were signing as "A.D.Venturer" at that time, or with more grandeur as "Andrew Richard Doull", and you were living in the country of the hobbits, which explains a lot. ;>

Andrew Doull said...

Childhood ideas?? I was 21 in 1995...


And A.D.Venturer was an alias from bbs days in 1988 or so.

Mikolaj said...

Wow. Aren't you old! BTW, I'm almost exactly the same age. :D But I was only a passive compulsive Angband player, not a community activist, in 1995 (already in 1994, I guess), regularly killed by town-appearing ghosts of the faculty staff members. ;)

capmango said...

I returned to in March, so I tragically missed the discussion to which you refer. But just for grins, I went back through the archives looking for the oldest equivalent post of mine.

The oldest post from me in that I could find was on July 18, 1982.