Monday 14 May 2007

The different ways of killing.

One thing I'm constantly looking for is different ways of killing. I'm in the process of implementing an improved 'cause of death' mode for high score tables following an entertaining killed by an open floor death dump on the ladder. So you can rest assured in the next release you can die of 'undercooking a white jelly', 'sniffing a Red Mushroom patch spore' and 'shooting yourself in the foot' (I'll leave the circumstances of each death for your discovery).

But much more interesting than dying, is how to kill the enemy. Since its not often clear what the drawbacks are, here's a quick summary of the options in Unangband, the enemies that they're good against, and the drawbacks. Anything with a (?) I haven't implemented yet.

Here's a table showing the methods and advantages and disadvantages of each that should help you make this decision. There's a lot of methods.

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