Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Praise for killing people

As an amateur developer, you're constantly on the look out for feedback. Which is why reading comments like this is so satisfying:

Unangband seems unique in that it's the one *band that whenever I die, I consistently think to myself, "now I know not to do that again." It seems that I rarely die to difficult or unique monsters; it's always due to some other (seemingly insignificant) reason. Maybe that's the thing that has kept me hooked on Un for so long over other variants - every time I die, I learn something new. It seems like a lot of the dangers from vanilla (eg. paralyzation, big poison breaths, etc.) aren't nearly so bad in Un (or maybe I've just never gotten deep enough yet). I like it.

Thanks Big Al.


Alex Phillips said...

This post makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. :)

Carpathian66 said...

Good to know that is something to learn from death in un.

I'm sick and tired of dying in other roguelikes just to try all over again.