Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Conclusion to the TIG Source PCG Competition

The Independent Gaming Source procedural content generation competition has concluded: with approximately 49 completed entries. There's been no official announcement on the forums, but I've had a brief look at some of the entries. Rescue: The Beagles (pictured) has already been reviewed elsewhere, and Dyson looks intriguing (Edit: Also reviewed). I'll write up more as I play them.

This is a brief help-wanted request as well. I'm slowly writing up the finished entries on the PCG Wiki. It'd be great if readers of this blog could help out by either:

1. Expanding on an existing entry I've already written, by downloading and playing the game and taking some screenshots.

2. Writing articles for entries I've not already written. If you create a new entry, precede the name by pcg-games: and you'll get the right template and it'll automatically appear in the appropriate game categories.

Thanks in advance.

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Antoine said...

Seems like you've got a lot on your plate, don't overdo it or you'll feel burnt out