Wednesday 18 February 2009

More Borg Call Graphs

I'm experiencing this phenomena called being busy that I don't normally allow to affect my blogging or development work but appears to be doing so more as I age. I believe this is related to a phenomena called sleep that seems to be an requirement I wasn't previously aware of.

In lieu of anything intelligent to say with this update, I present more borg call graphs. Thanks again to darke for generating these. From his notes:

These ones are 500k turns, with a level change every 1000 turns to try and simulate someone actually playing it. Took about 20 hours to run through the tests with all the instrumentation turned on.

The first is the entire graph. The second one focuses on the playing "dungeon" side of the tree. The last one focuses on the dungeon generation "cave_gen" side of the tree.


Ronbo said...

These are really interesting - how did you make them?

Andrew Doull said...

See the comments in for details.