Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Pathfinding Collaboration

For those of you obsessed with A* pathfinding, you'll appreciate the cold water poured on the idea this thread on And then take yourself straight to this collabourative diffusion example before you get obsessed by the trap of perfect pathfinding.


Unknown said...

i've never heard of anything like this collaborative diffusion approach before, this is incredibly thought provoking - not just for path finding but more generally - thanks very much for the link!

Todd said...

That article just blew my mind-hole.

Unknown said...

yup, that was my reaction too. i'm not sure i quite agree that one can generalise a whole 'anti-object' school of thought from this one collaborative diffusion algorithm... but it is a very cool algorithm.

this has been inspiring so many crazy new ideas i wish to try

Rodneylives said...

That is indeed a very interesting algorithm. I notice, however, that the height of the 'p' graph doesn't reset entirely between computations.

Of course, Pac-Man's original pathfinding algorithm detailed in The Pac-Man Dossier was no slouch either.