Friday, 4 September 2009

Video games are evil

I'm putting on my robot suit to go fight grinding where ever I find it...

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Andrew S said...


Who are we saving the planet for? What are they going to do with it that we're not? "Productivity"? Is making TVs and Nintendos productivity, and if so, doesn't that mean that we should be USING those items? What are we going to produce that isn't a leisure item?

Sounds like Tomino feels like he wasted his life bringing joy and happiness and pleasure to millions of people. Boy, that sucks! All that useless happiness! Just imagine all of the industrial robots, cars, or televisions he could have been building instead!

To be fair, that Gamasutra writeup makes it sound like he's confused, instead -- that his point is that developers should make games that don't suck, that making bad games is a waste of resources. Fine as far as that goes, but, again, bleh?