Saturday, 17 October 2009

Poll results for 'What is your Brain Hex class'; new poll

Thanks for those of you who voted in the Brain Hex poll. The 71 of you who did so help contribute to over the 7,500 responses they had received as of the 30th of September. The results for readers of this blog were:

7 (9%)
17 (23%)
6 (8%)
37 (52%)
22 (30%)
11 (15%)
9 (12%)

Contrasting this with the responses in the overall survey population:

Conqueror: 2073
Mastermind: 1597
Seeker: 1475
Achiever: 809
Socialiser: 744
Survivor: 592
Daredevil: 464

suggests that the self selecting sample at this site is paradoxically less competitive than the self-selecting population that the survey has received - with a much lower proportion of Conqueror types. [Edit: Xopods points out that I should have done some maths. We have a normal distribution of Conquerors. It's Masterminds which appears to be over represented. And that may simply be an artefact of the fact I let you choose multiple types in the poll]. Other than that, the proportions are similar to the general population. I don't know how much more you can read into samples of this size which have not been randomly selected, but that single statistic is food for thought.

The next poll is some administrative catch up. I've sporadically asked which of the articles I write on the blog you find most useful. Unfortunately, I've not done this since September last year so there's a few articles here for you to reminisce over.

You may notice as well that the overall blog output year to date is half of what I've achieved in previous years. That's simply been an impact of the time constraints of both trying to get a major release of Unangband out the door, and now having a longer commute than previously (The two are unrelated).

I would have mentioned this earlier, but bloggers writing blog posts apologizing for the lack of blog updates is a little.. hmm... I guess if Warren Ellis does it, it's okay. (BTW: Friend him on Facebook if you haven't done already).


Unknown said...

I'm not sure even the Conqueror difference is statistically significant. We got 23%, the global total is 26.7%, for a difference of 3.7%, which in a sample size of 77 is about two users. I'm not a statistician, but intuitively, I would guess that's within standard deviation.

Andrew Doull said...

I guess I should have sat down and done the math before I commented. I guess than leaves the anomoly the fact we had a higher proportion of Masterminds at 52% which is much higher than the original survey. But even then normalizing for gender makes Mastermind the most popular choice.