Saturday, 19 December 2009

Request for votes: Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2009

Voting is open for 'Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2009'.

How did the roguelikes qualify?

The list was taken from the roguelike releases announced on the Rogue Basin news section between January 1st and December 19th 2009 and from the list of Actively Developing Roguelikes maintained by Jeff Lait. There are a record 99 entries this year - up from 75 the previous year.

What about 'x'?

Make sure you announced your roguelike on Rogue Basin for next year. In particular, NetHack didn't make it in, again. One of the previous winners also didn't make it in, much to my surprise. Although another roguelike developed by the same guys did, if you want to vote by proxy.

What about the 7 day roguelikes?

I decided to exclude any 7 day roguelikes that weren't announced separately. However, most of them were on Jeff Lait's list.

What's the prize?

Pride. And a sexy logo - if you want one. You can see the winning 2007 logo on the Dwarf Fortress links page. The Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup crowd didn't seem to need one. Logo designs for this year are welcome.

Having a competition is a dumb idea/offensive/stupid when you can't police the results.

Yep. Doesn't stop it being fun. You can vote for multiple different roguelikes. The idea here is that you will be encouraged to go out and download a roguelike that other people consider interesting, not that there is any kind of real competition element involved.


Mario Donick said...

You've forgotten LambdaRogue, although an update was posted at RogueBasin ;)

Andrew Doull said...

My apologies to the LambdaRogue developer(s). Unfortunately I can't edit a poll once someone has voted - as you can see from the typo in the poll heading.

If you want to vote LambdaRogue, just do so in the comments here and I'll include the votes in the final count.