Sunday 7 February 2010

Solium Infernum

I cracked after replaying the demo most of the afternoon and bought the full version of Solium Infernum. First full single player game I played a Sorceror, Infernal Cardinal Charisma 2, Wickedness 2 build - ranked at Marquis - and ended up winning in the last turn by gaining about 120 prestige off the previous leader with Charisma and Wickedness maxed out.

Then I played a Martial Prowess 4, Obscure, Master of the Sword - only at Lord rank - and won again. That's right: a 0 charisma build with Obscure which penalizes your tribute draw even more. I only ever got enough tribute to buy a second unit once - but fortunately played the first event at the start of the game and closed off the hell mouth for 6 turns. Even then, despite pressing my advantage and staying well ahead of the AI in prestige (including eliminating another player) it was still touch and go. The AI may have stuffed up once by not attacking my undefended (except combat cards) stronghold, but I kept scrapping up enough tribute for more combat cards - didn't get a chance to increase my Charisma to 1 until turn 60 or so.

Looking forward to some real human opponents now.

For those of you worrying about the early problems with the AI being passive, it has significantly improved in release 1.05a. It's still not ideal, but at least is a worthy opponent.

All of my demons so far have been named after Angband variant maintainers.


Scott said...

Oh hey that reminds me that I still haven't gotten a multiplayer game of Solium Infernum going yet. If you are thinking of having one I would massively appreciate it if I could join you. =D

Andrew Doull said...

Sure. Let's go for it. Anyone else interested? I could hit up the RPSatan Steam group if we need to.

Ideally I'd like to do 3 turns per day.

Scott said...

Sounds great. Send me a message on my email.

Nick said...

When I was playing Scandanavian Adventurers in Steamband, I started naming them after Scandinavian *band players. Anssi and Timo died, but Sampsa went on to win.

tormodh said...

Just for information; I'm pretty sure you can't attack Strongholds except in a blood feud ( or while excommunicated ).

I haven't bought it yet; trying to convince my gaming group that it is a good idea. And waiting until I have time to play it.

If you send me a mail saying you have a slot free for a player, I'll probably carve in and buy the game though.

Live in CET (+01:00 GMT) world, might manage multiple turns in what passes for evenings here. (16:00 GMT -> 23:00 GMT)

tormodh said...

Ok. I carved in without an email. I'm in if you want me in :)

Andrew Doull said...

All: I'm not going to have time to play for at least a month. The startup I work for has just acquired another company so we're a little busy at the moment. Sorry.