Monday 29 March 2010


Announcement coming shortly. Rampant speculation in the comments thread below.


Diego / Kimari / IndigoStatic said...

Mathematics has been recognized as a sport in the olympics?
That the numbers 7 and 2 are ganging up on nine?
That I'm not good at rampant speculation?

Alex Phillips said...

You were going to release Un version 0.7.0 but decided to bump it up to 0.9.0?

Andrew Doull said...

I've edited the original post to replace 'soon' with 'shortly' if that's any hint.

kaypy said...

Irresponsible speculation mode ON:
Whats happening "short"ly in the roguelike scene? Something about 7 dwarves + ~2 years of development?

Anonymous said...

Something (Unangband 0.6.4, maybe?) was originally planned for release in a week, but has now been postponed by 2 days?