Monday 19 July 2010

A big commitment

If it looks like things are quiet on the Unangband development front it is because I'm feeling my way through a ridiculously big chunk of code that I probably should have committed part of already.

Unfortunately, it is mostly back end stuff which you'll see very little of in the actual game: redesigning how timed effects work, allowing items to have multiple pvals (called avals), adding approximately 96 additional item flags which are all pretty much already used in game. The pay off will be flexibility to implement everything I've implemented already. Which is how most redesign work ends up 'helping' what you do.

This sort of thing ends up happening when you code on the train without 3G access.


Nick said...

Are you using the Vanilla bitflags code?

Andrew Doull said...

No. I don't see the need to yet...