Tuesday, 9 November 2010

TF2 sidegrades mod

It appears I cannot truly appreciate a game until I redesign it.


The Mad Tinkerer said...

Okay, here's my analysis:

Backburner: way overpowered against Normal difficulty bots, but definitely not against Hard bots. Normals will tend to cluster and not move around enough to avoid the flames, while hard bots will always be on the move. The "sidegrades" version reminds me of playing Pyro back when I started TF2. I used a tactic I called "Blaze of Glory" wherin I would charge into a group of 3+ opponents and just set as many on fire as I could expecting to die but taking 2+ opponents with me. After the official nerfs, tactic is never advisable with the current weapons, but a slightly altered version (where you single someone out before performing the Blaze of Glory) works with the altered Backburner. Very, very nice.

Degreaser: don't have it, didn't get a chance to try it.

Flare Gun: I tried using it, but without another Pyro on the team to set enemies alight it's way too hard to get two shots in a row on Hard bots, and a pain with Normals. Never tried switching from backburner to flare gun because it's contrary to my normal tactics and I kept forgetting to try, but I'll try to remember to try soon.

Homewrecker: against a level one sentry, the modification works great. Level 2, significantly trickier. Level 3 sentries + normal bots, nearly useless. A level 3 sentry + hard bots, completely useless (and when those Hards decided to put two sentries in the same spot, it was instant death even with the buff). It's good if you can get to a level 1 sentry fast enough, but if an Engie has already upgraded, the Direct Hit is still way better than the buffed Homewrecker for taking out sentries.

Powerjack: also don't have this.

Andrew Doull said...

Tinkerer: Really appreciate your feedback.

Re: Backburner. Yes. This changes the way you ambush, to the point where you are trying to 'stalk' one vulnerable player in a group that you're planning to blaze...

Degreaser: The degreaser is completely vanilla, so no change from current TF2.

Flare Gun: I suspect I'm going to change how this works based on feedback from the forums.

Homewrecker: That's the effect I'm going for. Don't forget that this is (currently) a bonus regardless of whether you have the homewrecker equipped.

Can I ask you to post your feedback to the TF2 forums as well, as there has been a distinct lack of feedback there?

Much appreciated in advance.

Andrew Doull said...

PS: Hit me up on Steam and I'll trade you a Degreaser for whatever.