Friday 17 December 2010

Request for votes: Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2010

166 roguelikes were released this year... this is, again, a new record for the number to qualify for this competition, up from 99 the last year.

How did the roguelikes qualify?

The list was taken from the roguelike releases announced on the Rogue Basin news section between December 16th 2009 and December 16th 2010 and from the list of Actively Developing Roguelikes maintained by Michał Bieliński [Edit: My sincere apologies for the oversight. It used to be Jeff Lait].

What about 'x'?

Make sure you announced your roguelike on Rogue Basin for next year.

What about the 7 day roguelikes?

I decided to exclude any 7 day roguelikes that weren't announced separately. However, most of them were on Jeff Lait's list.

What's the prize?

Pride. And a sexy logo - if you want one. You can see the winning 2007 logo on the Dwarf Fortress links page. Other winners are free to request them, but haven't done so. Logo designs for this year are welcome.

Having a competition is a dumb idea/offensive/stupid when you can't police the results.

Yep. Doesn't stop it being fun. You can vote for multiple different roguelikes. The idea here is that you will be encouraged to go out and download a roguelike that other people consider interesting, not that there is any kind of real competition element involved.


Mingos said...

Um, what's Umbra doing in the list? It's not a roguelike, it's not even a game :D.

Andrew Doull said...

I was so careful to make sure I didn't accidentally include libcotd as well :)

Kornel Kisielewicz said...

That said DiabloRL isn't on the list -- while it surely doesn't deserve a RL of the year title, it's sad it got not mentioned :/.

Andrew Doull said...

Epyon: It looks like it wasn't announced in any of the qualifying places. However, feel free to vote for it in the comments here, and I'll count them.

Ryan Szrama said...

Brogue. Everyone should play Brogue. I don't care if you vote for it (though I certainly did), but you must play it. It's been the most addicting game, period, for me this last year, and among Roguelikes I find it to have the best use of true color / lighting / special effects in any ASCII game. Hands down.

It's fun, the dungeons are incredible, the monsters and AI are fresh, and you will be stomped to death by Trolls and Ogres. But maybe - just maybe - you'll set them on fire first and watch them burn everything around them to the ground.

I love it. : D

Ryan Szrama said...

Oh, additionally, very happy to see 100 Rogues on the list. Because it's solely iOS, I wasn't sure how many people were aware of it, but it's one of the best games on the iPhone (obviously I'm a little genre-biased). But really, none of the *hack ports come close to actually using the platform display / input mechanism usefully. 100 Rogues is great for that, and it also has some very unique gameplay / character progression.

Dance of Death is definitely another one to check out if you haven't. It's captured the traditional Roguelike feel in Flash the best for me, thus far. Perhaps someone else is doing it, but I've searched, and DoD satisfies. Looking forward to more development on there - there's so much more Nolithius has planned / can do... next year it's gonna be big. ; )

Also, kudos to everyone else on the list. You're all awesome, and I've enjoyed MANY of your games. I think Slashie gets the most productive award. : D

Oh! And I almost forgot - Prospector has also been a fun one for me this past year. It's the only active FreeBasic RL I know of atm, with Rick on a bit of a hiatus to actually teach everyone else HOW to make 'em.

Anyways... Merry Christmas, and thanks for the poll - reminds me how awesome the indie / RL game community is. : )

Unknown said...

Brogue man. Very refreshing. Nice and basic. Not a lot of fluff. Just what I want in a Roguelike.

Darren Grey said...

I'm glad to see ToME4 doing so well. It's definitely the roguelike to be excited about right now.

Orangy Tang said...

Two votes for Albion? I don't know who you guys are, but you rock. Thanks. :)

Shame I kinda lost momentum and motivation for it, but it's not dead... just sleeping.