Monday 10 January 2011


There's been some recent argument against and for forums as a medium of exchange between developers and their communities.

I decided against forums (in a tied poll) specifically for Unangband, on the basis there is already a well developed Angband forum community and I didn't want to splinter that base. I'd similarly not have the time committment for moderating an Ascii Dreams forum, but feel free to comment, or head over to Temple of the Roguelike for general roguelike development forum-ness.

I do have some thoughts on the issue, based solely on my recent experience trying to shepherd some changes through the TF2 beta process, but I'll leave these for another time. Instead, I'll offer up the best response I've seen to some of the needless rage and anger on community forums, from Chris King, the lead designer of Victoria 2:

You know I had to go and look at the Civfanatics forum to see how they were taking this new and my God there are some bitter people there. My favourite was as long as Jon stays away from Paradox I’ll be happy. With that in mind I would like to make the following public offer.

Jon, if you are reading this and if you do have some free time, would like to be our special guest programmer on the Hearts of Iron 3 patch?


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