Saturday 19 February 2011

Civilisation V on sale this weekend only for USD $48.67

In Australia.

We have dollar parity with the US, but for some reason this news doesn't appear to have reached 2K Games.


Anonymous said...

its cheaper on steam, i just picked it up for $30.00

VRBones said...

I read the post as a sarcastic jab at the discrepancies in digital content pricing:

From SteamUnpowered:
Sid Meier's Civilization® V
Tier 1: 49.99€
Tier 2: 49.99€ , 100.00% of Tier 1 price
Tier 3: 49.99€ , 100.00% of Tier 1 price
US: $49.99 or 36.85€ , 73.72% of Tier 1 price
AU: $79.99 or 58.97€ , 117.96% of Tier 1 price
*On sale*UK: £29.99 or 35.61€ , 71.23% of Tier 1 price

Note that US now have the -40% pricing too, taking it to ~29.99, whereas Australian's are lucky enough to get the game at $47.99 for our -40% off.

Personally I'd get it from OzGameShop for %37.99 if I didn't have it already. You'd (eventually) get the full boxed game which registers with steam anyway.

Andrew Doull said...

VRBones: On the money.

I was tempted to go one step further and ask for someone US based to buy it and gift it to me, in exchange for the equivalent AUD.

$37.99 isn't quite in my impulse buy range yet.

Unknown said...

Oh, 2K know that the AUS$ is pretty much identical to the US$ atm, they just don't care.

I noticed this when they jacked up the price of Borderlands on Steam. Their argument was that since we're "willing" to pay AU$80 for a game in a brick & mortar store (we are?) that we should have no problem paying US$80 for the same game. And that was at a point where we didn't have parity.

When the then discrepancy between US$ and AU$ was pointed out to the 2K rep, she threatened to shut down the entire thread as she didn't "have to take this kind of attitude and grief" or somesuch.

Let me also second VRBones' recommendation of OzGameShop, I've had nothing but awesome service from them, esp. with their much-cheaper-than-local PS3 games.

Tobias said...

Whow you aussies got great offers I got my copy on the 25% off Christmas sale for only $51.81 USD. (off from 50 Euros of course)

Unknown said...

Does it have anything to do with your Goods and Services Tax?

Andrew Doull said...

Nothing to do with GST. I take it you are opposed to sales taxes?

Unknown said...

Not at all -- I don't know enough to have personal views on the matter. I was just curious.