Friday, 15 April 2011

Finished Far Cry 2

I've just added Far Cry 2 to the short list of games I've actually finished.

There's probably twice that again of games I've gotten to the final boss fight and given up... Far Cry 2's narrative is instead extremely effective at motivating you for the equivalent of the final boss fight. After a symphony of betrayals of those you don't care about, it sings poetically for a brief shining few minutes.

Really a rather brilliant game from a narrative point of view, even after seeing the seams.

With regards to game mechanics, just needed the occasional weapon you pick up to not be completely rusted, and give you more running endurance if you choose to throw your existing weapons away. As it is, the checkpoints just grind you down once you have unlocked all the weapons in the game - extra supplies isn't reward enough for the time degrading your shiny armoury supplied equipment.

I've never been so glad for public transport.

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