Thursday, 16 June 2011

This is why I write games

HallucinationMushroom has won a game of Unangband:

Man, I'm ecstatic! This is a very challenging variant and one I didn't think I'd ever win. I mainly fire up Un for the atmosphere and the first half of the game is my favorite, all the way up to Smaug. It doesn't hurt that my kitchen table roleplaying experiences have almost all been MERP or Rolemaster... it's like retreading old, familiar ground
You can read about his troll bard's feat here.

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Joshua said...

Stuff like that really reminds my why I love roguelikes. Even though they hand me my lungs on a depressingly routine basis. Even though, after something like fifteen years playing Nethack I've only ascended once. Really makes me want to get back into RL development.