Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Roguelike Radio - Episode update

We're doing so many episodes and interviews for Roguelike Radio, I'm not going to bother post updates to the blog any more - it's getting too hard to keep up. I'm just going to repeat a comment I made on that site:

I think it is worth pointing out in the last 2 months we have recorded and released 12 separate podcasts (9 episodes and 3 interviews, not counting the spoilers bonus content for 100 Rogues). That's an absolutely incredible amount of output. We need to pat ourselves on the back.
Of course, we've released another episode since then, and are in the process of lining up at least one more interview... and it's been my week off.


Ido Yehieli said...

Yeah, can't really keep pace with it myself - had to forfeit the last 2 episodes but will be there for the next one!

Good thing we have so many contributors.

Enne Walker said...

I've been really enjoying all of these episodes. Both the interviews and the discussions about mechanics have been quite interesting.

Y'all are great; keep it up!

SkipHopz said...

cool podcast bro. keep up the good work.