Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Action roguelike watch 2012

The latest developer to jump on the 'I want to be popular and make a lot of money developing a roguelike' bandwagon is one Notch.


Anonymous said...

Well, I can see two possible effects. The good one is obviously people stumbling across the term "Roguelike", do a search on it and some may fall in love with the genre.
On the other hand: Notch's followers might expect something completely different and get a wrong impression of the genre as Minicraft does not really have that much to do with a roguelike. And I don't know how much that will change with Minicraft 2... we'll have to see about that.

magikmw said...

Ah well, let them. Popularity is not something the genre has in aboundance. Like kittens. And death.

tekknej said...

i'm sure wont be buying that one after Notch couldn't deliver with Minecraft. =D better donate money to proper developers.

RogerN said...

Sounds just like Terraria to me, but from a top-down rather than side-view perspective.

Akhier the Dragon Hearted said...

It sounds like Notch is just doing something for fun, he even said that he was doing it for no good reason. The problem is he made Minecraft and thus is expected to have talent from the gods leak from his fingers and perfect every game he will ever make from now on. If I announced that for no particular reason I was going to make a top down roguelike similar to Minecraft but a roguelike how many of you would care till I actually showed results?
Of course there is the other side of things where since he did tell an interviewer he may actually intend a lot for it. Also he is a programmer and while its a bit of a stereotype, us programmers tend to like roguelikes so it may be a stealth way to spread the term around, after all if he had used some other term instead of roguelike and I did not know what it was then a Googling I would go.

Holsety said...

Yes, poor Notch. On one hand it's easy to hate him thoroughly thanks to all his vacations, minecraft being unfinished yet "released", donating thousands upon thousands to each humble bundle instead of hiring more people to work on his game(s).

On the other he's still an indie developer with not that many games under his belt who stumbled into the limelight.

Don't think minicraft will have any impact on the roguelike scene. People only care about minecraft, as far as Notch's works go.