Saturday 5 May 2012

The Esteemed and Learned Council

Of Roguelike Elders appear to have their reviews up of the 7DRL entries. And, if you prefer a tile based version of the same reviews.

[Edit to add: The UI for the reviews is about as bad as the average roguelike. Click on the average score to get reviewer comments.]


Darren Grey said...

Click on each and every score to get justifications for each rating. Beware of spoilers though.

Todd said...

Heyyy... the UI isn't.. oh, right yeah it's horrible. :)

Thanks for spreading the news though!

(I am also open to suggestion for the gallery page, it's kind of my first crack at a useful webpage of any kind)

Joseph said...

Well my scores for Sun Crusher weren't that great. Guess I should have went with Cardlike 2.0. :-)

I had a blast making it though.

There were some great games this year. Congratulations to everyone. I'm hoping DuneRL gets a more complete release sometime.

Kyzrati said...

@Todd: I love the gallery page--it's very usable. Good work!