Sunday, 17 June 2012

Roguelike Incubator

Contrast this with the discussion and debate following Darren Grey's announcement of a Roguelike Incubator project which should result in a Roguelike Bundle later in the year; and the slightly more energetic discussion around his article about Designing for Non-Roguelikers.

(Although note the obligatory whine about post line length. Are people incapable of configuring their Usenet reader to handle this?)


Joshua Smyth said...

A roguelike bundle sounds like a great idea - I'm working on something now that could be included in that!

Nolithius said...

Hey Andrew, both links point to the "Designing for Non-Roguelikers" topic.

Also, this piques my interest. My current project is certainly roguelike-inspired but far from even a roguelike-like-- but I can certainly use the sprites I've been putting together for a more traditional roguelike as my next project.


Ebyan "Nolithius" Alvarez-Buylla

Andrew Doull said...

Nolithius: Thanks. Fixed.

Todd said...
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Todd said...

Hey Andrew, thanks for throwing this up! Darren has really taken this idea and ran with it, which is awesome.

@Nolithius: You are the guy who did adventurer's guild, right? So far I'm the only browser-based roguelike in the bundle so I'd love some company if you are keen on it.

(sorry for the dupe!)

Nolithius said...

@Todd Page: I am, and my next ASCII roguelike(like) project is likely to use a similar aesthetic as The Adventurer's Guild, including the character portraits.

September, however, is too tight a deadline to start a new project. I am committing 100% of my dev time to my latest commercial roguelike-like-like endeavor! ;)

Also, I'd like to see a commercial roguelike bundle. Because, money.


Ebyan "Nolithius" Alvarez-Buylla

Todd said...

Yeah I don't think the September deadline is a hard stop. At least, it wasn't for me.. the idea has grown a bit. ;)

Also in terms of money I don't think of this as a commercial project. Just good free games. Darren wants to pick a games-related charity and have donations go to that.

Darren Grey said...

I'm not sure about games-related, but some sort of charity donation-tracker would be a nice idea I think. As for a commercial roguelike bundle... I haven't a clue how to sort that out. Likely all sorts of legal whatsits. But the Incubator in general is not exclusive to free games - just the first September bundle will be having that.