Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Winner of Ascii Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2012: T.o.M.E. 4

Last year Tales of Maj’Eyal became the first game to win Roguelike of the Year for two years running. But in 2012, despite a brush with death, DarkGod has not rested on his lauded laurels. A vast stream of updates to content, interface, web-site, balance, bug-fixing and the opening up of community-built add-ons have ensured that Tales of Maj’Eyal remains the most popular of all roguelikes yet again. Beating off competitors young and old, ToME is now ASCII Dreams Roguelike of the Year 2012.

And it doesn’t stop there, as the game has now reached the all-elusive status of version 1.0 – a prestigious and rare event for a roguelike. With its modern interface and intense emphasis on tight turn-based gameplay it has spread roguelike appeal beyond normal grounds, and has recently been described in the popular press as “the gateway game you've been waiting for”. And that could prove true as it vies to garner enough votes to be the first roguelike to break through on Steam Greenlight.

A new module-making competition also hopes to encourage further games to be developed in the flexible and powerful T-Engine on which the game is based, meaning we’re sure to see some new ToME-inspired roguelikes popping up over the next 12 months. Look out for a new episode of Roguelike Radio in the coming weeks making a return to Maj’Eyal.


Andrew Doull said...

Thanks to the incorrigible Darren Grey for ghost writing these entries. I've not had time due to work commitments.

Cake-Pie said...

Darren Grey, that guy is awesome.

Tome is a worthy winner, another year running.

warthurton said...

Just a point of correction. Is this not the 3rd year in a row that ToME4 has one?

Andrew Doull said...

It is.

The first sentence begins with the phrase 'Last year...'

warthurton said...

Ahh. Words moved around in my head.

Abe Heron said...

And well deserved...I am finding I am playing this more and more - very addictive.