Saturday, 9 February 2013

Goofing off

My daughters have pointed out there are two types of touch controlled games: natural and goofy. Natural games are where you drag the actor around the screen, goofy is where you press somewhere on the screen and the actor moves to that location. Does anyone have a recommendation for good natural games for iOs for two year olds? Everything I have is goofy.


RodeoClown said...

The PlaySchool app is pretty neat. Kids can drag the characters around on the screen, and record it (along with their voice) and play it back later.

My 4 year old loves it.

Brog said...

O is very natural, I don't know if it would suit 2yos or not.

Konrad Kiss said...

Try Toca Boca games. Toca Boca Robot in particular has the same control scheme. It's been one of our favorites.

ZaVok said...

>drag the actor
AngryBirds, lol?

Why "goofy"?

VRBones said...

+1 for PlaySchool app. First thng that came to mind when you mentioned direct movement.

@Zavok: I'd expect "goofy" to relate to surfing/skating "goofy foot", which is a somewhat derogetary way of saying the other, more unnatural left foot.

Aron Murray said...

Yeah natural and goofy were/are the stance options in the old tony hawk skating games.