Sunday 17 March 2013

UnBrogue 1.1.3 released

This version is intended to primarily be a bug fix release. I'm distributing through Dropbox as the Berlios backend required to upload releases is down at the moment - Windows, OS/X.

Known issues
- Monsters will not flee through water.

Changes for 1.1.3
- Rename 'stagger' to 'hit' in bolt damage description text (Requested by tinyrodent).
- Add combat message when a fire bolt is blocked by a shield.
- Armor of burden increases armor class by one for every two strength requirement increased.
- Armor of immolation increases immolation chance at +2 or higher enchantment.
- Add more toads to wand/staff of Toads.
- Added wands/staffs of Detonation.
- Adjust power curve of spiders created by Talisman of Spiders (Requested by ggoDeye).
- Add brief note about noise level of armor in description (Suggested by Creaphis).
- Allow charms to start with up to +3 enchantment.
- Cursed weapons, armor, shields, rings no longer generated in reward rooms (From 1.7.2).
- Staffs, rings, wands identified when you enter a reward room rather than when you pick the item up (From 1.7.2).
- Ensure bolts of slowing last at least two turns (so that the status effect applies and is visible for at least a turn).
- Add missing charm descriptions.
- Items affected by a talisman of rune mastery now display their full effects.
- Your allies cannot learn healing from Dar Priestesses.
- Fix to prevent fire bolts double hitting the last target they penetrate to (Reported by tinyrodent). 
- Fix crash when impaling a blinking monster (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix non-runic items appearing in runic reward rooms (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix force, cursed weapon descriptions.
- Fix cursed armor names.
- Fix bug where stolen items altar would detect everything on level (Reported by thaumato).
- Fix bug where shattering would always shatter reflective monsters.
- Fix bug where canceling using a staff when it had no charges would destroy it.
- Fix bug where canceling using a staff would use a charge and a turn.
- Fix bug where wearing another talisman when you couldn't remove a talisman due to your inventory load out would delete it.
- Fix bug where you could equip a talisman of [spoiler] while you are wearing cursed armor.
- Fix bug where multi-bolt items would use additional turns.
- Fix a variety of typos (reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix some rune descriptions (reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix negation not negating shields (reported by ggoDeye).
- Fix bug preventing obstruction being removed by tunneling.
- Fix staffs of tunneling not tunneling the correct number of grids.
- Fix scrolls of identifying not identifying all wands and staffs.
- Fix length of displayed path when targeting range limited wands.
- Fix elixir of light.

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