Tuesday, 4 June 2013

UnBrogue 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 released

This isn't going to feel like much of an announcement unless you have OS/X, as there are serious problems affecting the Windows and Linux build of UnBrogue at the moment that are preventing it from being updated to the latest version. However, I've released 1.1.4 and 1.1.5 in relatively quick succession and you can download the OS/X build here. For full details on what's happening see this thread on the Brogue forums - the tldr is that I'm going to be porting UnBrogue to a newer off-trunk version of Brogue to hopefully fix the above issues, but this will be some time away.

Changes for 1.1.5
- Staffs of nature charge half as quickly.
- Rewrote spoiler free changes from Brogue.
- Vault keys are rarer but vault items are always better than those found randomly.
- Add two more machine rooms.
- Fix bug where partial armor did not have a strength requirement reduction.
- Fix description of royal purple armor.
- Fix bug where regular staff and wand workshops would require a challenge to access.
- Fix charms of duplication.
- Fix (and enable) 'too boring' Brogue summoning circle room by adding paralytic gas. Paralytic gas makes everything more interesting.

Changes for 1.1.4
- Increase variety of items which can be found in the game (as opposed to made).
- Add wands, staffs of telekinesis.
- Add potions, elixirs, charms of regeneration.
- Add armor and shields of repulsion.
- Upgraded charms of winds to be charms of respiration.
- Add scimitars and cleavers which have Brogue's stats for maces and war hammers, but 1 additional strength requirement and which continue to attack enemies either clockwise or counter clockwise, randomly chosen, from your target. These may be overpowered.
- Add sickles and war scythes which are quick and can also attack up to two enemies adjacent to both you and your target.
- Knight's shields allow you to choose the target of any reflected bolts. Tower shields also block slowing and negation bolts -- these do not damage the shield.
- Remove banded mail.
- Increased chain mail's protection and strength requirement (so that it now acts like Brogue's banded mail).
- Increased scale mail's protection while making it noisier (so that it now provides protection equivalent to Brogue's chain mail but with a lower strength requirement).
- Decreased plate mail strength requirement.
- Add robes which are always runic and allowed with all talismans, cloaks which have the best stealth of any armor (including no armor), and furs which have the lowest strength requirement.
- Fabrics and leather are reinforced by scrolls of protect armor so that cloaks, furs, robes, leather armor and scale mail gain +1 to +3 protection when first protected by these scrolls.
- Added various armor prefixes to further increase armor variety -- these prefixes are immediately visible.
- Darts and javelins gain +1 to +3 enchantment when first affected by a scroll of protect weapon.
- Thrown weapons are now degraded by acid. You are not warned before throwing at the moment. Stacks of thrown weapons will restack if you end up matching the enchantment level through acid damage. (Requested by thaumato)
- Combining items can help identify either the ingredients or the resulting item depending on the identification status of the product and output.
- Add two new talismans.
- Lamias are restricted to liquids but appear in groups.
- Precise runic does not apply to bolts which only affect one monster (Requested by tinyrodent).
- Tomes of summoning do not summon bloats (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Guaranteed good charm rooms don't contain throwable charms.
- Change spelling of sabre to American English saber to be consistent with other American English spelling.
- No longer take half damage on level 1 (From 1.7.2).
- Fix dart stacking bug (From 1.7.2).
- Fix bug where level divided by water would end up with an area filled with corridors.
- Fix bug where water trap could be generated too far away from a fountain.
- Fix bug where explosive blinking staffs would cause mysterious corpse explosions (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix description when enchanting a cursed item.
- Fix for tomes of slaying/immunity when applied to an already enchanted item.
- Fix bug where you could naturally regenerate while in debt.
- Fix bug where acid damaged shields could block infinite blows. (Reported by Jadeite)
- Fix bug where extinguishing gas would not put out burning flying monsters.
- Fix automatic identification of talismans, elixirs, tomes.
- Fix crash caused by trying to land an impaled blinking monster twice (Reported by tinyrodent).
- Fix tomes of teleportation.
- Fix instances where enchantment is inadvertently revealed when the rune is noticed on runic armor.
- Fix backstabbing with a heavy weapon could cause zero or negative damage, and calculate fractional backstab multipliers correctly.
- Fix damage multipliers from rapier, saber lunging, spear, pike impaling so they don't get sneak attack bonus, dual wield penalty if these don't apply.

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