Tuesday, 4 August 2015

High Frontier Kickstarter complete

The High Frontier 3rd edition kickstarter has finished, with a final tally of 2,244 backers pledging USD $180,942 to get a copy of the game.

This means I'm going to be published with a board game developer credit for the 3rd edition of High Frontier Interstellar, a solitaire game which re-uses most of the High Frontier components, which funded as a $36,000 stretch goal.

It is fair to say the Kickstarter campaign funding exceeded anyone's expectations. It is also generated a lot of only over a beer stories, as I was heavily involved both in front of and behind the scenes as self-elected community manager. If you're in Sydney, feel free to buy me a beer some time :)

I'll continue blogging just as soon as I get some time to do so. There's some follow up work to the campaign that I'm busy on.

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