Thursday, 27 March 2008

Noctis: IV

As a part of the series of articles on Procedural Content Generation, I mentioned a DOS based game that featured a large procedurally generated universe to explore, but couldn't recall the name. Sekenre from the Introversion forums has reminded me of the name of the game: Noctis. It is a game of the categorical insanity that I termed Amateur.

You can download it from the Noctis homepage. I highly recommend the wikipedia entry for a good overview of what it entails.

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Gavin said...

Ugh... Noctis. What annoys me a lot about this game/guy is that he has been "planning to" code the next version any day now. But for some reason he had to first develop his own programming language (!!!!) and the first Proof of Concept was a forum/bbs for his site (!!!) (and it's not a very good piece of software either)

At some stage you have to pick something you want to do and make peace with letting all the others go.