Thursday, 20 March 2008

Results of 'Are you writing a 7DRL this year?'; new poll

Thanks to the 51 of you who voted. The results, as well as the roguelikes themselves are in.

3 (5%)
25 (49%)
11 (21%)
I don't have a spare 168 hours
12 (23%)
I've written one already this year
0 (0%)

I'm going to mix the poll format up just a little. Go to Temple of the Roguelikes ultimate coverage of the 7DRL here. Download and play as many of the completed 7 day roguelikes as you want to. This poll you'll vote to let everyone know which ones you have played. Then next week, you vote on which one(s) is you favourite.

I realise the point of the 7DRL is not a popularity contest. But let's pretend awhile.

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