Monday, 4 June 2007

Unangband 0.6.2-wip5a has been released


Unangband 0.6.2 work in progress 5a has been released. This is a work in progress release so please save regularly.

You can download the source code from

Edit: The Windows executable is now downloadable.

You can download a windows executable from

For those of you compiling direct from the CVS, please note that I will be transitioning from CVS to SVN shortly. I am also somewhat 'ahead' of this release in CVS at the moment.

Please report any bugs to

Changes follow:

- Added some low level priest spells and defined some pre-requisites for basic priest

- Dungeon generation has been comprehensively revised and improved for correctness.

- You now dodge towards any monster you are attacking, which means ranged attacks can hit
them instead, and that you can charge in the opposite direction the following turn.

- Blocking now last two turns.

- Added alchemical formulas. These allow potion specialists to inscribe a formula on a
potion, scroll or lite object to modify how the object explodes. e.g. =1l causes any
explosion to lite up the area it affects. =3r makes potion have radius 3. =2d makes potion
do double damage. There are currently 15 different letters for you to discover, which can
be combined. e.g. =3r2d.

- Added a comprehensive set of death messages for various types of self-inflicted and
unusual deaths.

- You can now damage yourself with bolt and (more importantly) ball spells.

- Thrown potions now explode with a fake 'nothing' effect if they have no effect
(Suggested by Mikolaj).

- Updated to allow radius 2 monster lites, improved glowing terrain and dropping a lit light to
allow it to lite up the surroundings.

- No ice-themed dungeons at shallow depth (Reported by Pete Mac). In general, dungeon
features should be chosen a little more appropriately regards for depth.

- Food descriptions improved (Reported by Pete Mac).

- Dungeon connectivity should be greatly improved (Reported by Pete Mac and others).

- Made staffs brandable (Requested by jevansau1).

- Further work on allowing doors and walls to display different orientations in isometric mode.

- You can now examine more items in shops. This now allows you to browse spellbooks
(Requested by pebepe).

- Fix bug causing guardian uniques to be accompanied by out of depth monsters (Reported
by Matthias Rudolf).

- Fix major bug with level_flags.

- Adjust recommended classes to minimise very negative stats.

- Improvements to allow player to be accidentally crushed by closing a sliding wall on themselves.

- Fix a number of infinite loops and crashes in dungeon generation.

- Fix strange messages for monster name display in various circumstances (Reported by

- Fixed problems with monster escorts and monster summoning picking invalid monsters or
too tough monsters (Reported by matthiasrudolf).

- Fixed objects lost in stairs created by quests (Fix by Mikolaj).

- Fixed exploit where player created traps would allow additional items to be created (Reported
by matthiasrudolf).

- Fixed bugs around room walls not being lit correctly (Reported by Mikolaj).

- Fixed bug using repeat command and wands of wonder (Reported by matthiasrudolf).


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