Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Unangband 0.6.2 work in progress 5b has been released.


Unangband 0.6.2 work in progress 5b has been released. This release is hot on the heels of the previous due to a nasty corruption bug caused by entering stores in the dungeon (Thanks to Matthias Rudolf for reporting this).

You can download the source from

You can download a windows pre-compiled executable from

Please report bugs to

Changes follow:

- Diseases no longer prevent healing (again), except where the disease drains health.

- Added change shape spells.

- Added summoning spells of various kinds that allow you to summon monsters to fight on your side.
You earn experience from their kills. At the moment, you cannot give monsters any orders, and must
maintain the enemies you wish them to attack in line of sight or sensed via telepathy or various
monster sensing (Detect spells don't qualify). A number of intended improvements are outstanding
but feedback is welcome (Requested by jevansau1).

- Added charm monster spells of various kinds.

- Player traps created by spells now earns the player experience points, and has a limited number of
charges (based on level). Other terrain created by the player times out relatively quickly.

- Added schools of magic. A school determines your starting spellbook (currently only for mages
and mage type casters), and which of your class spellbooks are stocked in town shops. There are
currently 7 schools of magic, each with their own 4 basic books, and related higher level books.
Note that a few spells are not currently implemented, and some higher level books are currently
empty of spells. Priest schools will also be developed, possibly to reflect the different Middle
Earth deities, plus a paladin school.

- Commit patch from Andrew Sidwell that improves main-win.c startup.

- Fix problem with disease messages whilst curing them (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Fix 'incorrect' shopkeeper races (Reported by Mikolaj).

- Make size correspond closer to Angband hit die (including removal of con bonus from hit die calculation). Con bonus now applied as per Angband.

- Remove unused hit die display during style selection (Reported by Mikolaj).

- Ensure that zero or less blows, shots or throws prevents melee, throwing or firing a weapon (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Prevent arc and starburst spell effects from hurting the player (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Fix bug where shape change with multiple items worn and a full inventory could result in items being lost (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Fix bug where study items would incorrectly combine (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Prevent starting location being in dangerous terrain in town (Reported by Pete Mac).

- Fix connecting stairs in bottom of tower (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Be paranoid about placing shops in the dungeon (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Prevent impassable piles of rubble being generated as lakes in the dungeon.

- Fix bug with uncursed items listed as being 'unbreakable' (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Ensure that 'dungeon stores' bug doesn't corrupt memory, and hack a save file fix for those affected. Note that this
doesn't solve the original bug, and will cause some stores to be reset (Reported by Matthias Rudolf).

- Fixed alchemy bugs and improve messages (Mikolaj).

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