Thursday, 7 February 2008

Amateur vs Indie

My latest article for GameSetWatch has just gone up. This is a some what tongue in cheek examination of the characteristics of amateur games, and why I think they're different from indie games. It also seems to have provoked a mixed reaction. You can read it here.


Mikolaj said...

I'm halfway through and I"ve had such a good laugh. :D The subtitles are stunning, e.g. "Indie games are patched once they hit version 1.0; Amateur games are no longer played once they hit version 1.0". :DDD

But the best is your English sense of self-derisive humor. What others may miss I know due to working with you: even the craziest amateur things you describe are just your experiences. ;)

Brog said...

Please add this article to the current poll so I can vote for it.

But don't ignore the many negative comments on GSW. Valid points are made. I just made one, in fact.

How I have found this article useful:
I have been encouraged to start releasing my next crazy project once it compiles rather than wait until it's finished (which never happens, meaning it ends up in my cemetary of forgotten games). Maybe it can be some bizarre enough mess to gather a community which then encourages me to keep it from dying for slightly longer.

Gavin said...

A true story; I was halfway through this article when I thought: "That Unangband guy should read this... oh wait"

Sorry :(

Kevin Glass said...

Not a very mixed reaction, most everyone seems to be responding with it's over generalised junk that has very little to do with the real indie/amateur/hobbiest/(insert your pigeon hole here) communities, an article designed simply to provoke a reaction.

It worked, good job :)