Friday, 7 March 2008

Make a Game March Madness

Is there something in the air? Because I keep reading about game creation competitions this month.

Firstly, and foremostly from this blog's point of view is the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge. 168 hours to make a roguelike, starting from tomorrow. You can, of course, start a 7 Day Roguelike Challenge at any point, but the annual challenge gives you a chance to share the pain and get a shiny medal for your troubles

Then there's this suggestion of a gaming tribute by Brenda Brathwaite of Applied Game Design. She's asking for games 'designed to honour Gary Gygax in any medium at all'. You've got two weeks from March 5th to submit a game with this criteria. Brenda's holding a game design jam today with 4 other designers, so keep checking her blog for more information.

Finally, and most randomly of all, is the Independent Gaming Source's Video Game Name Generator competition. Open up the Video Game Name Generator, generate a game name and then make a game to match. You've got until Monday, March 24th, Midnight (I'm not sure what time zone) to complete it.

My suggestion: A gaming mashup of one or more gaming competition entries above. Why limit yourself to designing three separate games? Take advantage of network efforts and design your entry with two or all three of the above in mind.

1 comment:

Brog said...

My goodness, which to enter?

I'm definitely making at least one game titled from the vg name generator at some point in the future.