Friday, 7 March 2008

Mysterious Dungeon: Shiren the Wanderer released for the DS

I'm going to have to pick this up. You can read about more coverage for this at Verbal Spew, where Jeremy Parish has linked to his review of the game on 1Up as well as links to Game Spite's Game of the Week, this month's Fun Club RPG Selection and John Harris' three part in-depth review in @Play at GameSetWatch.

I've previously mentioned the Mysterious Dungeon series as a part of my six part series on procedural content generation, and as a poll on your favourite commercial roguelikes.


Unknown said...

What a wonderful synthesis of roguelike and traditional console rpg! And how great that it's now available on my favorite console! I think I know what I'll be doing on my 15 minute breaks at work :)

I've tried the rom version briefly, btw. The only gripe I had in my short time with the game would be getting the diagonal facings. Sometimes my hamfisting led me to move a square in a cardinal direction rather than adjusting to face a monster on the diagonal, leading to a free hit for the monster... hopefully the DS version makes it a bit easier. Either way, portability is a fine selling point.

Orillian said...

ty for posting about this, I had no clue it was even coming out. I picked up a copy of it yesterday and it's a lot of fun. I've died about 6 times already. :P I like the fact that you can be rescued by someone else who has the bad my wife isn't into the roguelike games as much as I am.

I find they boiled the essence of the genre down to the simplest forms, the gameplay is very basic, and the actual game itself is rather short, but it does it all so well. I've never played the NES version so it's a completely new experience for me. As well visually its nice to see a roguelike with actual graphics. It makes me sad that so many roguelike authors out there are afraid to deal with the graphics in games. it's not the be all, but it's so darn refreshing. :)

Anyways love this game so far. Now if only I could play Incursion and it at the same time. I hate having to choose!


Cavalcadeofcats said...

Got it more or less because of this post. It's short, sure, but I've never gotten that deep in roguelikes in any case (I play Angband and, recently, Steamband), so that makes little difference for me; all it means that I can theoretically make it to the lowest level eventually.

Haven't had any problems with diagonals.

It's a true roguelike, and a good one. (And so addictive that I've been strictly rationing my play.) Hooray!

Unknown said...

My DS copy arrives from Amazon tomorrow! Huzzah!

Clarification on diagonals: I was playing the SNES ROM with a PS2 controller. I should have used the keyboard instead. DOH!