Thursday 24 July 2008

Poll results for 'Zero Hit Points Means You're...'; new poll

Thanks to the 49 people who voted. This poll was as much about how computer games and user interface have usurped tradition. It also suggests that about 20% of people would like to see a roguelike based on a fantasy role playing game other than Dungeons & Dragons (RuneQuest anyone?). The faints reference is to the roguelike Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon series, where you never die, just faint away.

8 (16%)
24 (48%)
19 (38%)
2 (4%)
Critical injury prone
9 (18%)

Next poll: What would help you contribute to the Procedural Generation wiki? I'm always looking for contributors, and I'd like to find out what's holding you back.


Ryan said...

Pokemon fainted in the original series too.

Or, if you're going for the roguelike appeal, Taloon would faint in "Taloon's Great Adventure" for the SNES. (It's a Japanese game that's been fan-translated.)

Rodneylives said...

In Shiren, he doesn't die, he's "defeated." This is the case in nearly all Japanese roguelikes, since so many of them use a framing game around all the individual dungeon runs.

I've been working on a project for a while now that I think I might finally be able to contribute something to the wiki, but am not sure. Must think about this.