Sunday 6 July 2008

Sounds like Reading

I've got a fairly large list of RSS feeds in Google Reader now, which means I come across all sorts of interesting articles, links and trivia. If it's interesting enough, I'll 'star' it for later and turn it into either a link article here or at Promised Poems, inspiration for a longer piece or a news item or link on the PCG Wiki.

But that's only addresses about half of what I've starred - there's a large number of links that are interesting, but off-topic enough or which I don't know or care enough to comment on. At the moment, they just stay sitting in my Reader queue and never go anywhere. But that's changing.

I'm now sharing anything I find interesting (and burning it here). If you want some high-quality reading, without comment, feel free to have a browse through what I've linked to. There maybe the occasional roguelike entry there: such as the announcement for voting for the Roguelike Soundtrack contest. If it ends up there, it means that another roguelike blog that you should be tracking either directly or via Planet Roguelike has mentioned it, and I don't have anything to add. And, as always, Temple of the Roguelike is your best source of purely roguelike news.

At the moment, I'm just working through the backlog, so entries will be out of order. But let me know whether you find it useful. I've also added this under a My Stuff link bar on the right hand side of the page, where you'll find links to various 'things I do publicly on the Internet' that are not specific to this blog.

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