Wednesday 3 June 2009

Results for 'What should I work on next for Unangband?'; new poll

Thanks to the 56 of you who voted. I have to say I'm surprised by the overwhelming demand for persistent levels - 0.6.4 will be devoted to implementing these and hopefully have a much shorter release cycle than 0.6.3 has turned out to have. I'll be using the Entroband / Hengband model of persistent levels if you want to see how persistent levels will be modelled prior to that version of Unangband being released.

The results were:

4 (7%)
7 (12%)
Persistent levels
20 (35%)
iPhone port
1 (1%)
Nintendo DS port
3 (5%)
SDL port
0 (0%)
Isometric graphics
2 (3%)
GUI elements
5 (8%)
Skill system
2 (3%)
6 (10%)
Bug fixes
2 (3%)
Sound and music
1 (1%)
Porting stuff from Angband
1 (1%)
Porting stuff to Angband
0 (0%)
AI and pathfinding
2 (3%)

Next up: With the Angband competition 65 coming to a close and the final release of 0.6.3 imminent, I'd like to have an upcoming competition feature Unangband. First up, which class would you like to see featured as an Unangband competition character?

1 comment:

thorgot said...

One of those would guarantee my entry multiple times. But I'll probably play the character regardless.