Wednesday, 12 August 2009

It's like free heroin in your pocket

The only thing saving me from complete addiction to Civilisation Revolution on the iPhone is the fact it isn't completely stable. I've had two crashes in the 3 days I've been playing it (And when I say 3 days, I mean every waking moment).

That, and the AI isn't the best...


Ed said...

The AI wasn't so hot on the DS version either, but that didn't stop me being addicted!

Thankfully, I've yet to have the time to play the iPhone port yet.

Anonymous said...

Played it on my xbox until I had pretty much every achievement except for the mega city :)

VRBones said...

Addictive all right! (and hot too!)

First full play through on King level had me owning 75% of the map and romping away with the game (38K score to ~3K for the AIs). Could have won any number of ways, but economic was quickest to kill off the game. AI was .. well .. flaccid.

Playing on Deity now and it's still a romp. It seems odd that there are no limits to expansion, yet the AI hunkers up in one or 2 cities in the land grab stage?

One thing that's bugging me, In the options there's a button to reset stats, but no place to look at stats. Maybe there's more on the way?

fu said...

same here, only real annoyance would be some fps issues in late game, but still highly playable.