Friday 14 August 2009

Reaction to Exploitation and Evasion

In a thread started in reaction to the permadeath article I wrote, Ray suggests:

I think a grindless roguelike will occasionally murder your
characters for no good reason, due to the analysis I outlined
above. And I think I *am* prepared to fully explore the
implications of that conclusion. What do you think a grindless
roguelike looks like?
You'll probably want to read the rest of the thread - there's a lot of insightful points made by a number of rgrd regulars.


Jonathan Stickles Fox said...

I read your original article on permadeath here; I didn't realize it was eventually on Gamasutra too. That's pretty cool!

This is only indirectly in response to your article, but you may be interested in reading a post on permadeath that was inspired by one the comments on the article there.

John Greenberg said...

That was a great article. I'm developing my own roguelike with a friend and we're trying to implement an absolute zero-grinding framework. So far this has led us to no natural monster regeneration and no natural HP regeneration (among other decisions). Once the game is fleshed out, it will be interesting to see (assuming it is in fact ungrindable) whether these choices actually make for an enjoyable game.