Sunday, 31 July 2011

Policing procedural

I started the PCG wiki with the intention of cataloguing games that featured procedural generation, because, frankly, there weren't that many when I started, unless you counted things like procedural textures.

I've not put enough effort into the endeavour, because, frankly, you start a wiki so that other people can help you out, and there's not been enough contributors to keep me motivated (Although thanks to everyone who has contributed) and it became more interesting to describe all the different procedural algorithms out there, than compile a large list of games largely duplicating information already in Wikipedia.

The last few days of catching up on my RSS feeds reveals that pretty much every second game that gets mentioned now features procedural content generation. On one level, I think 'we've won' but I'm not entirely confident I'm sure what that means. Let me think about it for a little while and I'll get back to you with some further thoughts.

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