Friday 23 December 2011

I've switched to moderated comments for the moment

Due to incessant comments about how awesome Dungeon of Dredmor is.

Seriously, you should stop praising the game that much.

(Oh, and the Binding of Isaac fan boys. Just crazy.)


Abe Heron said...

Andrew you should be flattered - nerd rage is only aimed at those with renown :)

Kdansky said...

Didn't see any overzealous posts (but then I don't follow the comments very closely). The good about those two games is that they A: bring new people into the genre, and B: show what most roguelikes could really do better: UI.

Imagine all the great classic roguelikes (including Dwarf Fortress) as easy to play as DoD. I'd never buy a 49€ game again.

Was it really that bad?

Andrew Doull said...

I happened to be on at the time a particular grumpy individual started posting the same comment repeatedly every minute... if I hadn't, you'd probably see another 50 identical comments in the thread.

Joseph said...

Dang Andrew I have these comments sent to my gmail account so I did see all of those comments. Nearly indecipherable but I go the point.

Hard nerd rager.