Saturday, 7 April 2012


You may remember an article I wrote, No Aliens Allowed, where I complained about the state of near future non-apocalyptic video games. I mentioned Dystopia and Shattered Horizons as being two games that have what I want in my science fiction, and Red Faction: Guerilla as the closest possible contender for a third. Conveniently these form a triad of Earth, Moon and Mars - inconveniently, Red Faction: Guerilla is too much GTA in space, and not enough actual consequences of terraforming Mars.

I've since found a worthy Martian replacement: Waking Mars, which gets exactly the feeling of exploring another planet in a way games like VVVVVV and Fuel merely hint at. Ironically, it features aliens; luckily, none of them involve humanoids with attachments on their forehead.

(Moving out to the asteroids, I should really pick Eufloria or Galcon, but ambient, strategy-less strategy games don't seem to do it for me. So instead I'm nominating Angry Birds Space).


Todd said...

Man I hate when I come across amazing looking games that are iOS only.

The only logical solution is to buy an iPad.

Looks like great fun though, how much time have you spent with it?

Unknown said...

What about Miner Wars for the asteroid coverage? :)

Andrew Doull said...

Todd: Probably 7 hours or so. I'm at the uninspired grind at the end phase, which kind of kills the experience.

For some bizarre reason the developer's don't have forums.