Monday, 19 March 2012

Time for the postmortem

Björn Ritzl has put together a list of the 7DRL successes and failures here. I've played only one so far (Ido Yehieli, Tom Whetnall and John Cleary's Fuel) - there's a big list to get through.


Unknown said...

Agreed, lots of successes this year. I'm currently planning on taking a spin through the successes once I'm done recovering, rather than continuing work on Chosen for the time being.

Joseph said...

I checked out Fuel. Pretty solid. I'm used to games like that being realtime so that aspect takes a little getting used to.

I've also played a couple of the online ones but they seemed a little wonky.

My entry wasn't a ton of work, but I'm still recovering anyway. Playing a little wow to refresh myself. Mindless button mashing helps soothe. Or so it seems.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I added your blog to the news parser.