Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Conversation with Dan Kline

I had the opportunity to sit down earlier today with Dan Kline, game developer and frequent commenter on this blog, and have a great chat about procedural content generation in games. He's posted it up on his blog: feel free to pop over and have a listen.


Joseph said...

Ha! Dude I clicked that link looking for 'free pop'. Funny misread.


Darren Grey said...

Interesting discussion, but I'm disappointed that the focus is on using procedural to create something "realistic" as opposed to make interesting and fun game spaces. Too many devs get sidetracked by making something that looks or behaves realistically, but isn't ultimately fun to play. Getting the proceduralism to work with the game mechanics should be a core consideration.

Andrew Doull said...

Darren: Completely agree - as I've said elsewhere. It was a pretty rushed 75 minutes, so we didn't fit everything in - or give some ideas enough space to breath.